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Imitating Life through Art (or vice versa)

Rebekah of Samandar's A&S Ramblings

26 February
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"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life." -Oscar Wilde

In theory, this will be my A&S journal - a place to organize my ideas, track my documentation, consider my progress, post pictures, ask for opinions, and bounce ideas around.

In practice, I imagine it will become an online A&S closet - a place where I store any thoughts and posts relating to A&S. Hopefully I can keep it better organized than the actual A&S closet at home….

Many of the entries here are basically my "lab notes," my own notes on the progress of projects. I'm also trying to keep track of what I've done, when (because honestly I'm not sure I would remember otherwise - I have a hard time keeping track of when things occurred). I'm using both my tags and the memories function to sort the entries as I go.

If I've added you as a friend and you don't know me, it's probably because I've seen your A&S stuff and I'm interested in what else you might be doing. If you'd rather I took you back off my flist, just let me know. If you have insight, suggestions or constructive criticism on any project I'm working on, feel free to say something - that's one reason I created this journal!

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…. And if you're interested, my personal LJ is over at urania.